The Collectors

Although fusion power will be the primary source of energy within the millennial voyage, solar energy will be utilised during the numerous passes of foreign stars (taking advantages of gravitational slingshots to increase speed).

In the storyboard I created a very simplistic sketch that representing my early thoughts of process; numerous smaller ships expanding from the Quintessence to collect solar power. Since then I have worked to flesh-out the idea, creating a design for the fleet of solar collectors.

sb 40
Solar Collection Story Board Image

I created a few sketch ideas over the Christmas break before taking one option forward and creating a 3D model.

Solar Sketches.jpgscreen shot-Collector-Octane-0.1screen shot-Collector-Octane-0.2screen shot-Collector-Octane-0.3screen shot-Collector-Octane-screen shot-Collector-Octane-2screen shot-Collector-Octane-3screen shot-Collector-Octane-4

The Collectors are a combination of a central craft, expanding arms adorned with solar sails, and elongated power-brick below to store all the incoming energy. Passengers of the Quintessence will board either of the three ‘arms’, from which they will get a front-row seat to a close-up view of foreign star never before seen by man. Once taken back to the Quintessence (which will maintain a safe distance from any star), the power-brick batteries will be detached and connected to the power-grid of the internal starship.
Solar Collection Scene 2R.jpg
Solar Collection Scene 3R.jpg
Now I have the model in C4d I can start to explore the sequencing and motion of the craft, creating animations for the film. I want to return focus to the Quintessence itself, however I will return to this design later on in the year to hopefully create a cross-section reveal that will highlight the inner workings of the craft.


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