Abstract Wheel 02

Continuing to work on the the more abstract scenes of the film, I have been able to produce a series of render, which will require considerable editing and composing into a smooth and visually interesting scene.03.05.2018 - Trees_0503.05.2018 - Trees_0603.05.2018 - Trees_07

The thinking behind this sequence is the expressing of a speculative concept, manipulating the centrifugal force to produce the ribbons of the Quintessence. The below shot will show the ribbons from almost an elevated view, expressing the circular nature, before stretching the lens to reveal that it’s in fact something of a spiral.
Walk_Tube_Ring Ribbons_0006Walk_Tube_Ring Ribbons_0308Walk_Tube_Ring Ribbons_0368
I have begun to test the kind of backgrounds I desire for these shot, wanting a cosmic feel of sort. I’m not satisfied with the current background, but just by adding a few sparking stars and clouds you can begin to see the scene come to life.03.05.2018 - Trees_08.jpg


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